Police Units

Patrol4The Patrol Division of the Pigeon Forge Police Department is overseen by Captain Dennis Adams.  He may be contacted by calling (865) 453-9063. 

Three (3) Lieutenants serve as Watch Commanders for their respective shifts, and oversee both Patrol and Traffic Division functions.  Twenty-one (21) officers are assigned to the Patrol Division, including two (2) that serve as the D.A.R.E. Officer and the School Resource Officer in the three schools in Pigeon Forge.  The Patrol Division is designed around three shifts, with a Sergeant and a Corporal assigned to each shift.  Sixteen (16) officers are assigned to the Traffic Division, ten (10) of which are motorcycle officers and six (6) serve as bicycle officers.  The Traffic Division is designed around two shifts, with a Sergeant and Corporal assigned to each shift.  



Police5Patrol is a primary law enforcement function embracing much more than the act of patrolling.  It is a generalized function in which officers engage in a wide variety of activities to include, but not limited to; enforcing traffic and criminal laws, answering complaints, conducting preliminary and follow-up investigations, community relations, transporting prisoners, crime prevention activities, etc.

The department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to provide citizens and visitors with law enforcement services.  The department provides the same services at all hours of the day or night in relation to answering calls for service, emergencies, preventive patrol, traffic enforcement, etc.


Bicycle Patrol Units

Police Bike 3The Bicycle Unit of the Pigeon Forge Police Department is a component of the Day and Evening Traffic Shifts under the command of the Sergeants and Corporals assigned to those two shifts.  The bicycle patrol is to perform visible patrol duties in designated areas on bicycles, and is used for patrol of malls, public parks, neighborhoods, streets, or for community relations, and crime prevention activities or such other duties as the Chief, Captain, and Watch Commanders may direct.

Officers assigned to bicycle patrol have the additional duties of giving instruction classes on the importance of bicycle safety as well as general safety topics, and have coordinated bicycle rodeos and safety classes for local children’s programs.

Motorcycle Unit




The Motorcycle Division of the Pigeon Forge Police Department includes the motorcycle unit which is overseen by the three (3) Lieutenants who serve as Watch Commanders for their respective shifts.  Ten (10) officers are assigned to the motorcycle unit.  All officers assigned to the unit are required to have completed the following

1.  40 hour Basic Police Rider course
2.  40 hour Radar Operator course
3.  Physically Fit to perform all duties associated with the operation of a motorcycle.

The primary function of the motorcycle unit is traffic enforcement and crash investigations throughout the City.  This unit lends itself to community policing.  The officer is more accessible to the public without having the barriers that other types of vehicles can create.  The unit is assigned directed patrols to target areas which have been shown to be trouble spots due to crash reports or citizen/community complaints.  If you have trafficPolice Bike 2 concerns or complaints please call 865-453-9063 and ask for the Lieutenant on duty remember if you have an emergency DIAL 911.

The motorcycle unit generally operates from March until October (depending on the weather).  When the officers on the motorcycle unit are not responding to crashes and directed patrols, they conduct prevention patrol and answer calls just like a patrol unit would.




Tactical Unit

Police TaticsTactical UnitThe Pigeon Forge Police Department Tactical Rescue Unit (TRU) is primarily deployed in those situations or events which by their nature are more dangerous or hazardous to officers than the majority of calls for police action, and which may constitute or contribute to grave peril to the public.  The following situations require notification of the TRU Team:  sniper, hostage taking, barricaded gunman, major felony arrests, or other situations as declared by the Shift Supervisor.
The TRU Team is composed of sworn members of the department who are assigned to either an assault team or sniper duties.

All candidates for the Pigeon Forge Police Department TRU must meet stringent requirements prior to becoming a member of the team.  The requirements are:

  1. Police Tatics2Two years of service with the department as a sworn officer.
  2. 92% score or better on all phases of most recent firearms qualification.
  3. Shall not have a history of substantiated physical abuse complaints. 
  4. Must be disciplined and capable of responding to orders in a safe and efficient manner. 
  5. Must be team oriented to enhance the quality and efficiency of the TRU.
  6. Successfully complete 40 hr. Basic SWAT Training course conducted by the Knoxville Police Department. 
  7. Undergo an interview before the TRU Commander and designated squad members.

Support Services


Police - Support2The Operations Support Division is comprised of nine (9) civilian employees who serve as Communications Officers for the department. These employees are nationally certified in communications and crime information data access. The Communications Officers answer E 911 calls as a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the City of Pigeon Forge and can be utilized as a backup answering point for any agency in Sevier County. When not answering E 911 calls, the Communications officers are responsible for a multitude of tasks which include, but not limited to the following:


  1. Dispatch calls for service to officers
  2. Complete wanted/stolen information checks of people, vehicles, and other items
  3. Answer administrative phone lines
  4. Monitor closed circuit camera system for the city complex


These are just a few responsibilities of the Communications Officers. Rest assured they are ready to assist you in your every need.

Crisis Negotiation Unit
Police - SupportThe Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) is comprised of ten (10) members of the Pigeon Forge Police Department who have completed a forty (40) hour Basic Crisis Negotiations course. Three (3) members of the CNU have completed the Advanced Crisis Negotiations course. The unit has five (5) sworn officers and five (5) communications officers on its roster. Crisis situation can require special attention and that is the reason for the existence of this unit. The CNU is subject to activation at anytime and must respond with all necessary equipment to deal with the crisis at hand.


The Records Division is comprised of three (3) civilian employees. There is one (1) Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police/ Records Supervisor, one (1) City Court Clerk/ Records Clerk, and one (1) Records Clerk. This office is responsible for maintaining a variety of reports and records which include, but are not limited to the following: Crash, Arrest, Incident reports as well as all City Citations.

Pigeon Forge City Court is held at the Pigeon Forge Police Department (225 Pine Mountain Road) on three (3) Wednesdays of each month at 2:00 p.m. This court handles all citations which are issued for moving, parking, and any other city ordinance violations. For questions regarding Pigeon Forge Municipal Court please call 865-429-7411. If you were arrested by our agency, your court will be scheduled through Sevier County General Sessions Court which can be reached at 865-453-6116.

Questions regarding how to obtain or reinstate a driver's license can be found online at Department of Safety.