Tree City USA

What is a Tree Citytrees2

The Tree City USA program, sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and National Association of State Foresters, provides direction, technical assistance, public attention and national recognition for urban community forestry programs in thousands of towns and cities that more than 120 million Americans call home.

The many benefits of being a Tree City include creating a framework for action, education, a positive public image, and citizen pride. Read more about the benefits of becoming a Tree City.  Source— 

Growth Award

The growth award is given to recognize environment improvements and to encourage higher levels of tree care throughout America. To read more and to see a list of cities that have been awarded the Growth Award visit the Arbor Day website.

Arbor Day

Every spring Pigeon Forge Parks and Recreation partners with the 5th grade at Pigeon Forge Middle School to present an education program, plant trees, and every 5th grader has an opportunity to take a tree home with them to plant. 

Facts and Figures

Tree City: Pigeon Forge is 1 out of 37 cities in the state (10 years in a row).
Growth Award: Pigeon Forge is 1 out of 523 cities in America … 1 out of 11 cities in Tennessee.
Over $2 per resident goes toward the Tree Planting Program in Pigeon Forge.