Department History


patrol units.jpgThe City of Pigeon Forge is located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It covers approximately fourteen and a half (14.5) square miles and has a permanent population of approximately 6500 residents.  The city hosts almost eleven million guest a year visiting our many attractions.


The Pigeon Forge Police Department has seen incredible growth through the years.  The city was incorporated in 1961.  Since then there have been 7 Chiefs of Police.  The department has grown from just a few officers working all aspects of the job to a number that have advanced training.  The officers are able to handle virtually every type of call for service.  We assist many events a year, keeping our officers busy year around.


Currently there are eighty-two (82) employees, which include 66 sworn officers.  Of those 6 sworn officers, 53 work in patrol, 7 work in criminal investigations, including one that is attached to the Street Crimes Unit.  6 are in administrative positions.  The department has 12 communication officers as well as 4 that work in the records division. 


The patrol division is the backbone of the department.  Each shift has one lieutenant, one sergeant, two corporals and a number of patrol officers.  Those number of patrol officers vary on each shift.  The criminal investigations division has one lieutenant, 4 investigators, 1 evidence technician, and a narcotics officer.  The officers work four 10-hour days with rotating regular days off. 


The employees of the police department, as well as all the city employees, enjoy a wide, very competitive benefits package.  Those benefits include full family coverage Blue/Blue Cross health insurance, including a dental plan and life insurance for the entire family.  Currently, these benefits are provided at no cost to the employee.  The City also offers a take home car program, four 10-hour shifts (with rotating regular days off each month), opportunity to participate in the wellness program and work out while on duty and earn 2 days off annually, 457 Retirement plan (match by the City up to 5%), paid holidays, personnel leave, vacation, and sick days.


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To be employed by the Pigeon Forge Police Department you must be at least 21-years old (18-years old for the non-sworn positions), have a high school diploma or equivalent, possess or able to obtain a valid Tennessee driver’s license, and pass a comprehensive background check.  The application process also includes a written examination, an oral interview, a physical fitness exam, a psychological profile, and a medical examination.