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P.O. Box 1350
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Pigeon Forge, TN 37868
Phone: 865-429-7312
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The Building Inspection Department reviews plans, issues permits and performs inspections.  The goal is to provide safe and habitable buildings within the city.  Any questions pertaining to building, storm water, new water and sewer lines should be directed to this department.

Effective July 13, 2016, our adopted codes are: 2015 International Building Code, 2015 International Fire Code, 2015 International Plumbing and Mechanical Codes, and 2010 ADA Accessibility Code.

Before You Begin

A permit is required for the interior finish or renovation of a commercial space, regardless of whether structural changes are being made. Plans must be completed by a design professional registered in the State of Tennessee. Sealed and Signed drawings are required. Exceptions are defined in the Municipal Code, Section 14-71.

Additional documentation may be required when a change of use occurs such as retail space conversion to a restaurant, gym or medical use. Planning staff must confirm parking compliance. See below:

  1. General Office =  1 parking space per 300 gross square feet;
  2. Medical Office =  1 parking space per 250 gross square feet, plus 2 patient drop-off spaces;
  3. Restaurant =  1 parking space per 100 gross square feet (includes patio areas);
  4. Retail =  1 parking space per 250 gross square feet;
  5. Gyms / Meeting Rooms =  1 parking space per 3 patrons at maximum capacity.

Water & Sewer staff becomes involved when food service, restaurant seating, cooking equipment, additional plumbing fixtures, grease interceptor (required for food service), etc. are proposed.

When modifications are made to an existing building, or change of occupancy or use occurs the Building and Fire Departments must review and approve. A permit application with floor plan prepared by a licensed TN architect showing proposed business layout, exit/egress arrangement, any proposed new construction, etc. must be submitted to MyGovernmentOnline using the link below to obtain a permit and subsequent certificate of occupancy.  Additional review time is needed when other departments become involved with a project.


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*NOTE: An interior tenant finish project that includes multiple tenant spaces requires a tenant finish application for each individual tenant space, business, address and/or suite number.

Changes to exterior signage on the building or site must be submitted and approved under a separate Sign approval review by the Sign Administrator.

After application submittal, and upon determination that the application is complete, a permit & plan review fee is required for permit issuance. Permit issuance provides permission to begin construction. No demolition or tenant improvements shall be initiated until all required permits) are posted at the jobsite.

Upon completion of the work and passing of the final inspections, a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion will be issued authorizing the tenant to occupy the space.

Building and Fire overnight rental design considerations:

  In areas zoned to permit overnight rentals (Zoning classification R-2 & higher) drawings, plans, and specifications for buildings or structures that are proposed, or could in the future be used as overnight or short term rentals shall bear the seal of an architect or engineer registered in the State of Tennessee. Residential structures having either more than 5 sleeping rooms, sleeping accommodations for more than 12 occupants (2400 sq. ft. habitable area as calculated by the 2015 International Building Code), a total gross area (including decks, etc.) of more than 5,000 square feet, or are more than 3 stories shall meet the requirements for R-1 (hotel/motel) occupancies in regard to sprinkler systems, number of exits, and guardrail heights.

NOTE -  The TN Department of Health is also responsible for permitting and regulating certain businesses such as:


Food Service Establishments

Public Swimming Pools

Tattoo and/or Body Piercing Establishments


Organized Campgrounds


These type establishments cannot start the building process without first obtaining approval by the Department of Health. Failure to obtain plan approval from the Health Department prior to construction can cost substantial time and money to make necessary corrections.

For more information or to submit plans, please contact the Sevier County Health Department at 865-453-2787 or email , website